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Badlands Cola is a love letter to psychedelic rock across the ages; its songs are the blood that runs through its dusty, calcified veins. This is the track listing from the show.

Theme Song

The Badlands Motif

"Few Colors" by OTNO

"Megalung" by Aquartos​

Episode 1: "No Vacancy"

 "Scavenger" by Splize, Notize

 "Tempted" by The Hazelnuts

 "Closer" by Morphlexis

 "Foetal Position" by I AM A DUO

 "The Blackout" by Aquartos

 "Cyborgs March" by Aquartos

Episode 2: "The Raptor"

 "Crystal City" by Aquartos

 "Time Flow" by Aquartos

 "The Emerald Sea" by Aquartos

 "Lone Drifter" by Aquartos

 "Analog Darkness" by Jon Gegelman

Episode 3: "Mustang"

 "The Conversation" by Theatre of Delays

 "Sleeping Cowboy" by Aquartos

 "Venedict's Blues" by Aquartos

 "Lost City" by Aquartos

 "A Scary Ferris Wheel Ride" by Ziv Grinberg

 "Love Doesn't Come For Free" by OTNO

Episode 4: "The Big Dinosaur"

 "When Mountains Move" by Bernie Sanchez

 "Soulagement" by Demoiselle Döner

 "The Lobster" by Art Against Agony

♫ Unknown Title by Monplaisir

 "Two Left" by Monplaisir

Episode 5: "Buried"

 "Waiting On The Sun" by Kyle Cox

 "Dreamer, Shimmer Away" by Patchwork Guilt

 "Stay Away" by OTNO

 "Golden Diamond" by Shahead Mostafafar

Episode 6: "Rewind"

 "Wait" by Free Walking Trio

 "Mineral" by Kutiman

 "The Greatest Offering" by Shahead Mostafafar

Episode 7: "Melinda, More or Less"

♫ "I'm Still Alive" by Aquartos

 "Accretion" by e-j-r-m

 "Apathy Inertia" by I AM A DUO

Episode 8: "Get Thee Behind Me"

 "Purple Oceans" by James Forest

 "Golden Diamond" by Shahead Mostafafar

 "Ghost" by Mogli the Iceburg (Instrumental)

Episode 9: "Sparville"

 "Days" by Oran Loyfer

 "All Things Fade" by Jameson Nathan Jones

 "Little Fire" by Temuz Dekel

 "Architecture of Atmosphere" by Seabreather

 "Königsberg Präludium" by Art Against Agony

 "Tempted" by The Hazelnuts

Episode 10: "EXIT"

 "Cynthia" by Theatre of Delays

 "Rainy City Blues" by Aquartos

Episode 11: "The Mud" Pt. 1

 "Unknown Darkness" by Jimmy Svensson

 "Don't Look Back" by Matooma

Episode 11: "The Mud" Pt. 2

 "Cynthia" by Theatre of Delays

♫ "El Faro" by James Forest

 "Obsessions" by Theatre of Delays

 "Golden Diamond" by Shahead Mostafafar

Episode 12: "Some Velvet Morning"

♫ "Waking Up With Brighter Eyes" by Michael Witt

 "All Things Fade" by Jameson Nathan Jones

 "Purple Oceans" by James Forest

 "K-Low" by OTNO

 "Somewhere In Between" by Kyle Cox

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